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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Pirana work in a single chamber septic tank?
YES! The process works exactly the same whether you have a single chamber tank or a two-chamber tank. Two chamber tanks are becoming increasingly popular with state regulators because their design is better suited to retain solids in the tank. This is the reason we show two chamber tanks in our installation photos and on other parts of our web site.

How do I know Pirana will work for me?
The operation of a septic system is the same wherever you live. The tank type may be different, for example concrete versus plastic; the drain field may be different, for example lateral lines versus a leaching pit and the soil type is likely to vary, for example sandy loam soil versus clay but no matter these differences septic failure is likely due to the soil becoming clogged with bio-mat. Pirana was designed to unclog your drain field and restore it to normal operation. If you drain field functioned for a reasonable period of its design life expectancy, the Pirana will restore your drain field to functionality.

OK, Pirana sounds pretty good. But what exactly can it do?
A Pirana System installed by us will:

  1. Permanently eliminate foul odors and sewer smells.
  2. Permanently eliminate corrosive sewer gases that corrode and destroy concrete tanks, which is a primary cause of tank collapse and failure.*
  3. Permanently eliminate the slimy biomat clogging your leach field.
  4. Permanently eliminate drain and toilet back ups caused by slow draining leach fields.*
  5. Permanently restore your leach field to better than original.*

What guarantee do I have that Pirana will work?
We offer you a full money back guarantee if Pirana does not solve the problem of bio-mat clogging in soil within six months of installation. Click here to read our Guarantee.

Oh, and by the way, Pirana comes with a Lifetime Warranty; if anything goes wrong with your Pirana just give us a call and we send you a brand new one.

Click here to see our Limited Lifetime Warranty

How long does Pirana take to work?
This depends on several factors but generally speaking it's going to happen a lot faster on systems that have recently failed versus those that have been in failure for two or three years.

Pirana starts to work immediately after you complete the installation. You'll begin to see a noticeable difference in your septic tank within 24 hours. Any septic odors usually disappear within 24-48 hours.

Once the bacteria colony has established itself in your tank they will start to digest organic solids and within 30 days you should see a difference in the clarity of the liquid in your tank.

At this stage you should also see good bacteria growth indicating out bacteria have "taken off". Here's a photograph of good bacteria growth:

Now it's a question of time; we have to allow time for the bacteria to make their way to your drain field where they will begin the restoration process. Here, some common sense has to prevail. If your system has taken 20 years to fail, it's unlikely to recover overnight! You should begin to see abatement of your symptoms within 30 days and a definite improvement within 90 days. This is not an exact science! We have seen some systems recover in as little as two weeks while others have taken up to 90 days.

How long will it take for your crew to install Pirana on my system?
Once we confirm by an onsite visit that your system is a candidate for Pirana (and over 95% are), we take a deposit and schedule the installation.

Once the septic tank access lid is located and uncovered, it takes about 6 to 12 hours to complete the job.

Do I have to keep adding chemicals?
No. Pirana generates  environmentally safe and people friendly bacteria. You normally never need to add anything, ever again.
There are no chemicals involved whatsoever.

How does The Pirana work?
Pirana acts as an incubator to grow bacteria that work in two ways to restore your drain field.

First, they "digest" organic solids in your septic tank. This includes human waste, oils and grease, toilet paper etc., in fact any organic material. This does not happen in a conventional septic system where these solids either settle to the bottom of the tank as sludge or float to the top to form a scum level.

Second, these bacteria get suspended in the liquid leaving you septic tank and get carried out to your drain field and subsequently to the soil where they start "chewing away" at the crud ("biomat") that has built up in your soil after years of use. Now it's just a question of time before they "eat" enough crud to open up your drain field.

This is a completely natural process and environmentally friendly. There are no chemicals involved whatsoever.

Why hasn't my septic contractor heard of Pirana?
Good question! The new technology called Aerobic Bacteria Benerator ("ABG") has been around for eight years.

ABG technology is accepted and approved for installation in most states. Due to the low cost of installation and low profit margin, many contractors ignore the technology.

One of our early goals in developing Pirana was to provide homeowners like you with a safe, affordable alternative the high cost and disruptions of traditional methods; We install Pirana which will restore your existing drain field. Prior to this your only option was to dig up your drain field and replace it; a dramatically more expensive, time consuming and disruptive process.

Many contractors FEAR change in the industry. They feel threatened by changes. Pirana is a very big change and requires a whole new thinking about failed septic systems. After hearing about the ABG technology some contractors are afraid of it.

We have a long, proven track record that supports our claims about Pirana and have a money back guarantee to uphold them.

Who are you? How long have you been in business? How do I know I can trust you?
Our credibility is as important to us as it is to you; we want you to feel comfortable before you make your purchase. For our full story, please call us.

Will Pirana work in a cesspool?
YES! The process works exactly the same as it would in a septic tank. We have a separate cesspool model designed for cesspool installation. We will determine the type design best suited for you cesspool.

What if I have broken pipes?
We can fix your structural problems or tell you what needs to be fixed. After repairs are done we can install Pirana in a day or so.

I have a grease trap at my location. Will Pirana work on grease traps?
Grease traps are a special situation. Call us to discuss a solution that will work for you.

* Certain factors are beyond Pirana's ability to remedy, including structural problems, broken or clogged leach lines, the collapse of  tanks previously weakend by years of corrosive gas, etc. These items must be repaired before we can commence any remediation efforts



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